Bonnie Osborne

Bonnie Osborne studied art at Grand Valley State University and Center for Creative Studies. She currently works as a graphic designer and fine artist in the Grand Rapids area. She paints mainly with pastel. Her paintings can be found in private and public collections.

“I like to poke around in the woods, to observe and feel nature. It’s very refreshing to paint outside and hear the songs of birds, frogs, insects, water and wind. The elements are sometimes trying, but that’s also what I find appealing about the process of plein air painting.”

Bonnie often uses her outdoor paintings as studies for larger paintings.
The smaller studies record values, light, and mood of the scene.
They work as reference for larger studio paintings.

Beaver pond

Beaver Pond Off Lasso Road

A sky moment

A Sky Moment

wave and sand

Wave and Sand


Nordhouse Shadows

Nordhouse Shadows

Red Building and Fountain Pond