Dennis Tyson

"Plein Air Painting is really the art of seeing. When faced with a landscape, there are many distractions in front of you. You have to narrow it down to the one thing that attracted you to the scene in the first place, and then hold onto it for dear life as you paint!
I use a warm and cool blue, warm and cool red, two yellows, and supplement those depending on the time of year with Violet, and Viridian. Colors are mixed with the brush and typically on the canvas itself. I believe this provides vibrancy difficult to achieve by mixing with a palate knife. An underpainting is applied in a thin wash of mostly middle tones made up of natural grays. Then the darkest areas are added followed by the highlights. As additional layers are applied, the paint mix becomes thicker and medium is added into it. What challenges me most is staying in that almost unconscious place where the left brain is totally at rest and creativity flows freely. It’s rare and illusive, but such a joy when it happens.."

image 1

Refletions - Oil on Canvas

Ox bow I

The Longhorns -Oil on Canvas

ox bowII

Pierce Cedar Creek Marsh

meandering river

October Landscape - Pierce Cedar Creek


Spring Purples - Oil on Canvas