Doń Marek

Milham Park Creek - Watercolor

“Transparent watercolor is exhilarating. Layers of juicy red and crimson washes, stains of blues on yellows, drips of water blossoming, abrasions in textured paper and the morphing of abstract shapes into nature’s infinite things: all these celebrate my love for painting and the art of seeing. To bring this encounter outdoors only heightens my senses and thins the boundary between art and the air. Weather’s moods and light, bugs and onlookers and the mercurial medium are a perfect mix of spontaneity, surprise and humility.” 

Don has been a student of the creative process since childhood and teaches watercolor at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. His work has appeared in numerous group and solo exhibitions and hangs in many private and corporate collections.

5th, NYC - Watercolor 

Maine Shrimpers - Watercolor 

Milham Park Early Light - Watercolo