Erwin Wolff

Winter  Pathway - Oil

A Pleasant Day - Oil

“Landscape painting from life became a serious artistic pursuit for me about a year after my retirement. Prior to that, my time was devoted almost exclusively to being in my studio creating still life paintings depicting mysterious narratives and objects of timeless beauty. Plein Air painting has became a natural extension of my original pursuit of creating still life’s, not only because I do both from life but because they both express a similar intention I wish to convey.

Regardless of subject matter, painting is more of a journey involving growth than it is a destination. So with each new painting I hope to improve my technique and more importantly, improve how I convey my emotional response to a scene.” 

Bachelors degree in Art Education and a Master’s in Painting from Western Michigan University 

29 years experience teaching Art in the Michigan public school system  

Retired in 2010

Accepted into numerous juried art shows since 1983

Recipient of various awards including the Martin Maddox Prize for Imaginative Realism, 1st place, 2nd place, and Honorable Mentions

Member of Plein Air Artists of West Michigan

House at Hall’s Farm - Oil

Plumb Lake - Oil