Judith Farmer

I am drawn to nature's constantly changing atmosphere and point of view. Nature not only provides me with infinite views to paint, it keeps me connected to nature itself. And I'm a studio painter.

Going on paint-outs with PAAWM, has provided me a new way of seeing and painting, has kept me inspired, challenged and coming back for more.

The solitary work of an artist is even better when doing it with a group of like inspired artists in all the corners of nature's studio!

Judith received her BFA in Sculpture from WMU.
Self-taught painter, she exhibits sculpture & paintings throughout SW Michigan
Her artwork can be viewed at:

At Last in Glenn, Michigan

Gallery 344 of Kalamazoo, Michigan




Beaver Island - Oil


Black Lake - Oil

painting 2

Warm Autumn - Oil


Spring Meadows - Oil


A Far View - Oil