Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen

Along the Yellow Dog- Oil

"Growing up on a farm in west Michigan helped me see nature up close in all the seasons.Drawing in school would get me into trouble as my teacher would pinch me and ask if my studies were finished.Mostly self-taught, workshops, dvds. and art books have helped me immensely to learn to see through as artist’s eye.The more I learn, the more I want to learn.Landscapes and still lifes are my favorite venues and I am thankful that even after scraping a painting off, I will surely begin anew.

My thanks are to God for the gift of the artistic ability and to see and learn.For, if I am successful as an artist, it is because He has given me the desire to continue learning for as long as I am able.There is a need in my soul, whether in gardening or painting to help in some small way to make the world a more beautiful and peaceful place."

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