Lisa Olivarez

"I’ve spent most of my life in Michigan. I love the wild winters, soft spring and invigorating autumn. My childhood was steeped in water, woods and the freedom to roam. An old choke-cherry tree down by the lake was my favorite reading spot. The branches made a perfect cradle where I could read hidden among the leaves with the lapping waves to keep me company. As a teen, I created my first outdoor painting of that tree.

Many things form us, and although I went on to study art formally and earned a B.F.A., I think those early years surrounded by nature influence my art more than anything."

Pounta Beach • Paros Island, Greece - Pastel

Sentinel Pines • Oshtemo, MI - Pastel 

Boats of Aliki Harbor • Paros Island, Greece - Pastel

Pines at Portman Preserve - Oil