The L.M. Wise Preserve

Sat., November 26th • 11 a.m
2658 15th Street, Hopkins, MI


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First Paint Out at L.M. Wise Preserve near Hopkins


Please join us for our first ever Paint Out at the L.M. Wise Preserve near Hopkins, MI. Coincidentally, it will also be our last Paint Out of 2022.


Established in 1985, the L.M. Wise Preserve was a unique gift to the Hopkins Public School system. This gift, a 55 acre parcel of land is historically significant as it is the very location where Hopkins’ first settlers put down roots in 1837. Some of the those pioneers are buried in a small cemetery next to the park.


Beautiful Miller Creek twists and turns its way through the park, offering great views paint. Plus there is old barn and cabin as well as other outbuildings to paint.


There are rustic restrooms available..


Download a flyer of this paint out HERE.


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