Patty Londy

“I was dubbed the “accidental painter” by a local newspaper when being highlighted in an article. The story goes….. While I was a home care nurse I met an artist. The artist recommended an instructor that I could take my daughter to, who was showing artistic talent.After a few classes the instructor invited me to join the class. That was twenty years ago and many classes, books and workshops along the way.

I am a member of the Oil Painters of America; the Livingston Fine Art Association; the Glen Arbor Art Association; and the Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Association, where I currently serve as membership chairman.

Just as poets express themselves with words, artists express themselves with their medium to reveal the beauty they see in ordinary things. I am grateful every day that I have that opportunity.

Some of the things I’ve learned along the way from past and present masters…Paint what you love, keep asking why and paint every day if you can….thank God every day for the opportunity.” 

Red House - Oil

Catching Frogs - Oil

Anita - Dogs

Calico - Oil