Richard Jordan

“Plein air artists are often asked, “Why paint outside when you can shoot a photo and work in the studio?” It’s a good question, one we sometimes ask ourselves as our fingers and toes grow numb painting in winter. The actual answer is we paint outdoors because there’s no substitute for actually being there, painting from life.
The sights, sounds, smells and touch of standing in the very landscape I’m painting is vital to my own energy, mood and desire to create. I believe the entire experience finds it’s way into the finished painting. Plein air work has a genuine quality studio paintings often lack.
I began plein air painting in 1997 and have never grown tired of it. Every time I venture into the field I feel energized by the potential painting three hours later. Of course they don’t all turnout. The failures are simply lessons along the way.
In 2008 I founded the Plein Air Artists of West Michigan and currently serve as their director. I’ve had the pleasure of working with other plein air groups across the state and enjoy meeting new artists. A few years ago I began teaching plein air workshops which I’ve found very enjoyable and beneficial to my own growth as an artist.

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The Grassy Creek - Oil


The Cedars - Oil


The Warmth of Fall - Oil


Into the Meadow - Oil

painting 5

March Sycamores - Oil