Thimgan Hayden

“Painting outdoors is exciting and soothing for me.  I enjoy the challenge of capturing something poetic and sincere in the changing weather and light when I am out there. I need to feel wind, hear birds, and smell the air to center myself. I am vitally aware of how much I need and depend on the earth, and painting outside forces me to live in the moment.

I painted for many years as a self-taught professional before studying drawing and painting in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art and alongside independent European and American contemporary artists. I am currently represented by galleries in Michigan and Italy.  My work has been featured in national and regional magazines, a book, international shows and competitions, and many private collections in the US and Europe.

“There is a psychological connection to Thimgan’s landscapes. They are memories of places and moments. The images are not crisp, blurry, creating an ethereal quality. It is a perfect moment in an established place. Each landscape has created a different mood. But both are composed with a definite direction for the viewer to take."
Steve Teich- The Teich Group Interior Design


Summer Breeze - Oil


Pic 2

View From the Bridge - Kalamazoo River - Oil

painting 3

A Quiet Place - Oil





Main Street - Oil

painting 2

Dark Clouds Over the Snake River - Oil