Thimgan  Hayden

“Painting outdoors is exciting and soothing for me. I enjoy the challenge of capturing something poetic and sincere in the changing weather and light when I am out there.I need to feel wind, hear birds, and smell the air to center myself.I am vitally aware of how much I need and depend on the earth, and painting outside forces me to live in the moment.

I painted for many years as a self-taught professional before studying drawing and painting in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art and alongside independent European and American contemporary artists.I am currently represented by galleries in Michigan and Italy. My work has been featured in national and regional magazines, a book, international shows and competitions, and many private collections in the US and Europe.”

View From the Bridge - Kalamazoo River - Oil

A Quiet Place - Oil 

Summer Breeze - Oil

Main Street - Oil