William Welty

"I am a retired judge, living near Three Rivers, MI, who now claims the identity of “artist”. My art studio is called “Change of Venue” to reflect my new focus on art rather than law. I paint landscapes, seascapes, animals, vintage transportation, and other subjects that interest me, employing oil paint, acrylics or watercolors.

I do not have a degree in art, but since my retirement five years ago I have attended many art classes and workshops. I enjoy the challenges and the camaraderie of plein air painting, but most of my work is done in my studio. Also, whenever my wife and I travel to other states or countries, I take along my painting materials to capture the local color.

My paintings have been sold in boutiques and galleries in the Kalamazoo-Portage area, as well as New Harmony, Indiana. I am long-time member of the Plein Air Artists of West Michigan, and active member of the Three Rivers Artists Guild."

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In the Vinyard - Oil

Down the Tracks - Acrylic

Costa Rica Beach - Acrylic

March - Oil